Hemp Oil and Extracts

Hemp health benefits

For thousands of years, hemp and cannabis have been an integral part of folk medicine. In an age when most of us only feel confident taking synthetic pills in neatly packed boxes, it’s easy to forget how many pharmaceutical drugs originally come from nature.


Since the discovery in the 1940s of special compounds in cannabis and hemp called cannabinoids, scientists have been researching the wide variety of effects they have on the body. Initially, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was the main focus of attention, due to its intoxicating effects. Lately, however, the second most abundant cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol) has been creating a buzz, much in part to its complex mechanism of action and many anecdotal reports of extraordinary health benefits.

So far, most scientific research has been at a preclinical level, meaning it has been performed only on cell cultures or animal models. One CBD drug, Epidiolex, has been through the lengthy and expensive three stages of clinical trials and will soon be available for children with rare cases of epilepsy.


CBD has also been shown to reduce inflammation in animal models which means hemp for pain relief, could also be another important reason to use this versatile plant.

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