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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series doesn’t actually run an Android-based OS. Rather, Samsung’s Tizen runs the show. It’s a slick operating system that’s designed with the hardware in mind, meaning the two feel cohesive together.

The two watches differ greatly in looks, though. The Galaxy Watch 3 comes in 41mm and 45mm variants, one using 20mm bands and the other 22mm. There are also two sizes for the Galaxy Watch Active2 with 40mm and 44mm options. Both use 20mm bands.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, these watches are pretty much no-brainers. They pair easily with Galaxy phones and bring a ton of genuinely useful features too. On other Android phones, you’ll lose out on a couple of features and the pairing process is a bit more complicated, but overall it’s still stellar. If health is your priority but you’re not willing to give up on the classic smartwatch experience, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 are easily some of the best smartwatches for Android.


85 / 100